A community on the move for a better Bakerhill

Bakerhill is dedicated to bringing the city’s communities together. We believe that by working together, we can create a better and stronger Bakerhill. Our city’s different departments work hard together to continuously improve and create new opportunities for the city. We want to help our citizens feel included so that they may contribute to the growth of our community.

City Mission

The City of Bakerhill is dedicated to delivering exemplary municipal services responsive to our entire community and consistent with our history, culture and unique character.

Aaron Grubbs


Mayor of Bakerhill, Aaron Grubbs, born and raised in Bakerhill, truly knows the people of his town and has promised the community of Bakerhill he would hear their voices. Working hand in hand with the council members he is dedicated to bringing unity and cooperation to both the community and the council. Grubbs is committed to taking Bakerhill’s residents' requests to heart and wants to ease his community’s minds.

Evelyn Nelson


Evelyn Nelson is the Town Clerk/Treasurer at Bakerhill Town Hall. She works directly with Mayor Aaron Grubbs, the City Council and public. Her dedication to the community has been most appreciated. Nelson is responsible for preparing the agenda of all regular Council meetings and attaching copies of all proposed ordinances and resolutions for distribution to the mayor and councilors. Below are some of her other responsibilities.
- Keeping of all City records
- Recording the official actions of the Council
- Supervising municipal elections
- Providing notice of all Council and committee meetings
- Providing public records upon request

City Council

From left to right: Lesa Coleman, Gary Barnes, Felecia Grubbs, Mayor Aaron Grubbs, Mayor Pro Tempore Clarence Young and Jamie Ellison.

Bakerhill Police Department

The Bakerhill Police Department is proud to be serving and protecting the citizens of Bakerhill with utmost dedication. The Police Department works every day to ensure public safety by enforcing the law with integrity and dedication, to provide extraordinary service. Chief Christopher Brooks has shown admirable qualities while maintaining peace and order throughout Bakerhill.

From left to right: Chief Christopher Brooks, Mayor Aaron Grubbs, Captain Ricky Kennedy, Sergeant Willard Obert and Officer Garrett Maund